So how do you get a child to do yoga?

It's simple- through play!

Teaching children yoga is a passion of mine and I love to see the confidence and empowerment children experience when they realize THEY have the ability to change how they feel. Learning to regulate their own emotions and feelings is a tool that is priceless to a child which they can carry with them throughout life.


The classes are very interactive and social and I love to see shy and anxious children blossom and grow in this safe and warm environment



Not quite a child, not quite an adult, being a tween or teen can be stressful business. This class aims to help children navigate through 5th grade, middle school and into high school with skills to cope with stress, anxiety or depression.  So many children feel lonely or anxious at this point. Each class the children will learn techniques that will give them a tool box of skills to cope with anxiety and/or depression.


This is a safe place to make new friends, and feel a part of something in a non-judgmental, supportive environment.


After class there will be a 30 minute time where children can chat, support each other and drink tea! In our Communitea area!


This will be a gentle Hatha relaxing practice, so no yoga experience required.


Ages 11-15 without parent

Tuesdays, 6:00-7:00pm

$12 drop in.

Call to reserve a spot.

Stuck in the Middle

This will be a wonderful introduction to yoga! They will go on a playful adventure while learning lots of yoga poses, breathing techniques and we will end with a short calming and relaxing guided meditation. Class is without parents, but parents can enjoy some free tea in our community area. $10 per class


Ages 2-3

Thursdays, 9:30-10:15

Drop in $12


Two Cute

Ages 4-9 without parent

Wednesday, 4:45-5:30

Drop in $12

Call to reserve your spot.


We will go on a playful adventure with our pals, and practice yoga poses, breathing techniques and end with a guided meditation.  Kids will also meet "Zen Ben" the most relaxed bear in the world. The children can bring a bear or a favorite toy to class, who will have their own mini mat!

Kids Yoga

ADHD, anxiety,

depression, autism spectrum disorders, emotional behavior disorders, congenital conditions, trauma, sensory integration


Children with anxiety often live in the "fight or flight" mode as their sympathetic nervous system is in over drive. This highly anxious state has many physical components as well as the psychological ones. Yoga postures, breathing and meditation can free a child from the symptoms and allow their body to return to its desired state. The parasympathetic nervous system comes back in to dominance and as a result, the heart rate and blood pressure both lower. The physical symptoms subside and the child experiences a sense of self control, peace and relaxation. Giving a child the tools to alleviate such crippling symptoms can be life changing.

Let's use

as an example


Founder Shelly Russell has undergone an intensive study program, Therapeutic Yoga for Children, which prepared her to work with the unique needs of children with a variety of challenges. Yoga can be used as a beneficial complimentary therapy.

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